Monday, 14 July 2014

Money Saving Monday Part Deux

Hello lovelies! Another week, another Money Saving Monday.
As you probably know I am on a spending ban for July with the exception of essentials and gifts. Last week I confessed to a little slip-up with my Bare Minerals foundation but I've done surprisingly well this week.

I've barely looked at clothes at all! There are sales everywhere beckoning me, testing me, throwing the proverbial banana peel underfoot, but I've somehow managed to avoid temptation. Of course that doesn't mean I've been walking around with my eyes closed. I've been looking at other things (that I'm also not allowed to buy, grr) such as fabric:

And home stuff:

Unicorn Jewellery Dish
Brunch-osaurus Salt & Pepper Shakers

And also tattoos but that's a post for another day.
So, not much to report as you can see. I am eagerly awaiting a phone case which I pre-ordered about 6 weeks ago so hopefully I can show you that without guilt before the next installment of Money Saving Monday.

I wonder how the other money saving ladies are getting on...

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