Thursday, 19 February 2015

From The Changing Room - Scarlett & Jo

Yesterday I returned to my former people-watching haunt, Bluewater shopping centre. Over the past year they've improved their Evans store and relocated it to right in front of the food court which pleases this fatty greatly.

Although the new store is bigger than it's predecessor, it's still not exactly huge but it does have a rail for Scarlett & Jo stock. To my joy I found two of the latest S&J offerings from their recent blogger campaign.

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First up was this fan print 40s inspired dress designed for Hollie at Pretty Big Butterflies.
Normally I don't like this kind of fabric. It clings to my lumps, shows off my bumps and gives me a VBO that I am not entirely comfortable with. But this dress lays to rest those issues. The cut is wonderful; I love the wrap top with the tie-up neckline (although as with all wrap front dresses I appear to have my bra on show, whoops!) and it hangs in such a fabulous way that it skims over my belly with relative ease.

I should point out that I was wearing fat pants that even Bridget Jones herself might be horrified by. That would be fairly standard for me in a dress like this though.

The second of the new blogger inspired dresses was this gorgeous 2-in-1 lace prom dress.

This is the first time I've tried on one of Scarlett & Jo's infamous prom dresses, for no other reason than they're generally a little over my Stay At Home Mum budget. But oh my goodness I need to get me one of these!

It's beautiful, it's flowy, it's fully lined and it feels amazing. It feels glamorous and comfortable all at the same time and LOOK!

A WAIST! The elasticated band is a thing of miracles. I'm blessed with an hourglass-ish (ish!) figure anyway but the way the waist is defined by this dress is glorious.

And the lace! Oh the lace just gives the entire dress that extra oomph. I adore the black overlay on the vibrant blue dress and it's perfect for those who might want to cover their arms a little without wanting to take away from the outfit with a shrug or a cardi. I'm in love.

So far the new Scarlett & Jo collection is far exceeding my expectations and I simply cannot wait to try more. Big cheers for all at Scarlett & Jo and even bigger cheers for the bloggers who took part. Hurrah!


  1. I love the second one on you, but gotta ask where are those shoes from they are fab????

    1. Thanks hun, I love the colour of the second one too. I have a thing about cobalt shades just now. Yum!
      The shoes are New Look. Sadly not wide fit but I only paid £6 in the sale. Well worth the blisters while I wear them in haha xx

  2. I love both of these but can see myself swanning about the office in the first one on a regular occasion come spring!

    C xx

  3. Both these dresses are so pretty! I love the print in the first one, but the second one is AMAZING!

  4. That first one on you is BAZINGA! You look beautiful. xx

  5. Both these dresses looks amazing on you. I tried the prom dress last year, the one I bought when we met up at Bluewater, but it just didn't suit me. I hated how it looked on me, because of my boobs, it looked like the black belt was like a shelf my boobs were resting on lol... :) I love the shoes too!!! :)

  6. I'm gonna be inappropriate and say I stumbled on your blog this morning in bed and instantly started jerking off to those luscious huge tits. Biggest load ever.

  7. I love the fan dress but the blue is stunning too. I would grab all the dresses :) It would be novel to shop in a real shop and not online. You are beautiful and those shoes!!! OMG! :) I would deal with blisters too. They are just amazing