Friday, 29 November 2013

You've Got My Back

When the lovely Leah over at Just Me, Leah asked if anyone would brave the subject of this blog post, I instantly put my name down. Almost everyone has this little extra padding yet it is never talked about in a positive or even neutral light. I'm talking about the dreaded back fat.

We all have issues with parts of ourselves. Some of these problem areas are so seldom discussed that we suffer in silence thinking that we're the odd ones out with back fat, cellulite, an overhanging tummy. But we are not alone. These things are normal. WE are normal.

So everyone, please say hello to my completely normal back.

It has fat. Rolls. In some unflattering bras, I'd go so far as to say it looks like a second set of slightly too high up jiggly buttocks. But it's mine and it's here for the foreseeable future.
Do I love it? No. Do I even like it? Not really. But I accept that it is part of me. I am learning to accept myself for who I am and looking at my back, learning about a part of me that I never actually see, is quite liberating. A revelation of sorts. In fact, even now as I look at the photos, I hate them less and less. I'm sat here thinking y'know what? Shar Pei puppies are cute and they have rolls. Maybe I can look at my back rolls like a shar pei. Huggable, squeezable... maybe one day I could learn to love the folds of my back. Maybe.

That's not to say that I enjoy showing off this back fat or that I will be buying backless dresses any time soon. In fact, the reason I jumped at the chance to write about my back folds is because I tried on a dress a few days before I volunteered to do this post. The dress looked lovely from the front. It made my boobs look fab and my waist nipped in nicely. But then I turned around and looked in the mirror over my shoulder. Oh, hello, unexpected bulges!

I bought the next size up in the dress, making the waist slightly less nipped in and my boobs a little less fabulous, just to attempt to cover up something that is just a part of me. But now, looking at the pictures, I regret that decision. Why did I try hiding something which isn't all that offensive in the grand scheme of things? And that's the thing. It's NOT offensive. I'm not offensive. I'm completely normal.

So here's to having back fat, being normal and still feeling fabulous.

A massive massive THANK YOU to Leah for encouraging me to look at a part of myself in more detail than I would normally find comfortable. It's been a real eye opener and it feels fantastic!

*Please visit Leah's original post where she gives two perspectives on back fat and body positivity.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Just Another Blogging Challenge: Christmas

It's coming.
Love it or loathe it, with only one month to go, the countdown to Christmas is well and truly on it's way. This year is the most excited I've been about Christmas since I was a child so I'm thrilled that this months blogging challenge is all about "The Holidays".

I'll be honest, I've been planning it for months. My shopping officially started on the 22nd of July. I bought my new tree in August. So imagine my horror when I found out I'd be moving house in January, living out of boxes in December and unable to host on the big day. Tragedy!
But nothing will ruin Christmas. Santa and Rudolph will still have their plate of goodies when they deliver presents to my three boys, we will still have a tree and we will have a lovely combination of toddler made and shop bought decorations.

Christmas shops and decoration are my weakness. I splurged in the M&S Christmas Shop the other week and bought the above set with two baubles as it'll be the twins' first Christmas. 
I may have also purchased little elf outfits and a Santa outfit for the 2 year old. I'm a cruel mother!

I am preparing blog posts for both my christmas dress and also my completely awesome jumper so I won't ruin the surprise by revealing them here!

In the meantime, please check out the othe beautiful bodies taking part in this challenge:

Monday, 18 November 2013

Skater Girl: Dress Wishlist

I'm still not entirely brave enough to venture away from skater dresses just yet. I've found a style that I like and that likes me back. Because of my ample boobage and high natural waist, this style of dress suits my shape perfectly. It nips in at the right place and skims my hips nicely. Love em!

These are my current top three skater dresses on my wishlist... I just need a few paydays to hurry up:

1. Yours Clothing Wine And Black Sleeveless Flock Skater Dress With Patent Belt £35

 I absolutely adore this dress. Burgundy feels a bit like my safe colour now that I'm trying to avoid too much black but I feel so comfortable in it. This dress has a lovely stretch to it (yay elastane!) and is true to size. I am usually a 22 and tried sizing down to a 20 but it hugged a little bit too much above the waistline. I really love the large print, it's not something I would've gone for before but I keep going back to this dress. It will be my Christmas dress, somehow.

2. Evans Black Lace Skater Dress £45

This is a beautiful lace skater dress from Evans. It's very lightweight and I think it'd look lovely either dressed up with gold jewellery and heels or a bit more casual with a biker jacket and ankle boots. This was my original Christmas choice but it got bumped down to 2nd simply because a) it's more expensive than the dress from Yours and b) I caught my ring while trying it on and I would worry about snagging the lace maybe a bit too much. It felt so natural and comfortable to wear though, especially as it has the added bonus of covering the upper arms so it's still in my wishlist top 3!
Also worth noting I had to size down to a 20 for the best fit.

3. Topsy Curvy Navy Velvet Heart Printed Skater Dress £30

I've never tried on anything from Topsy Curvy so I can't comment on the sizing or feel of this dress but I do know it's gorgeous! It only went up on the website this week but it's got my attention already. It's 95% polyester 5% elastane, which is the same as the Yours dress so I expect it'll fit in a similar way- hugging all the right places and skimming over the rest. 

So. That is my current Wishlist Top 3.
Just for fun, here is a changing room photo of me in the Top 2 dresses.

Is anyone else as hooked on skater dresses as I am?

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Boots, Glorious Boots!

I would like to apologize for the picture quality in this and possibly a few other posts. My camera has been refusing to keep a charge, even with fresh batteries, so I'm using my phone camera. Anyway...

Primark and I have never been the best of friends. Until very recently, I only went there to buy clothes for my toddler. I somehow forgot they sell jewellery and shoes so last weekend I went back. While trying to navigate the 3 floors of cluttered everything, I spotted these and knew I had to have them:

I am a size 5 but found these a bit narrow so I tried them on in a 6 which fit perfectly. I'd recommend trying your normal size and the next size up to make sure you're getting the best fit.

I so rarely shop in Primark. The prices seem to be a little higher than they used to be but it shows in the better quality of the product. These boots (£15) were instantly comfortable and remained comfy even after a 4 and a half hour walk. I only had thin socks on and still these boots didn't rub, hurt or blister and they kept the rain out. No soggy socks!

These boots have exceeded my expectations. They are comfortable, practical and I must admit I am in love with them a little bit.

Now can someone please tell me where to get leggings that don't sag, stretch or crumple?

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

OMCZ: Horizontal Stripes

As the newbie on the block in the OMCZ challenge, I felt a bit under pressure to come up with something fantastic for my first submission. I saw that the theme was "Horizontal Stripes" and felt quite confident that I could at least come up with something. So imagine my shock when I went to my wardrobe and found only these striped items; a nightie, 2 maternity tops, a top that had already featured in this blog and a cardigan that I haven't worn in three years.

This revelation has led me to question whether I conform to the myths that certain clothes just shouldn't be worn by people with fuller figures. I didn't think I did. It's never been a conscious decision to avoid stripes, short dresses or high neck tops but apparently, somewhere in my mind, these "rules" have been embedded.

So today I have been inspired to try new things. Next time I'm shopping I will shop outside my comfort zone. I will try on things I usually walk straight past. I might just find something that surprises me!

In the meantime, I thought I'd take the chance to post a picture of me actually wearing the top I mentioned a couple of weeks ago from Yours Clothing. It's so comfy. It's one of my go-to tops to throw on if I'm going out somewhere casual although the length does tend to accentuate my lower belly bulge with certain trousers. I blame this on my shape and the length of the top though, not the stripes.

I did think this was a bit of a cop-out since I have already featured this top before but I couldn't think of anything else I had that had horizontal stripes on at all, except...

My most favourite scarf of all time!

I'm sorry to say that this is my snuggly excitement face.

So there you go. My first Outside My Comfort Zone feature.
I'm excited to see what the other ladies taking part will come up with:

Becky Brown
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Monday, 4 November 2013

Love From Misbehave!

I absolutely cannot resist a new bit of jewellery. So, when I first heard of Love From Misbehave! I had to take a peek at what the website had to offer. I spent a long time narrowing down the list of what I wanted, eventually submitted my order, sat back and waited for the postman.

I am so happy with what arrived. Earrings, rings, necklaces and a wonderful zipper bangle which is the perfect kind of chunky for my large wrists. The cross necklace is quite generous in length, I imagine it'd look lovely over a higher cut tshirt with a biker style jacket or blazer this autumn.

I opted for a couple of pink accessories because this time of year tends to mark my changing into wearing a bit too much black so the pop of colour will make a nice change for me. There are so many colours and styles to choose from though that there really is something for everyone.

The Paris ring and spiked hair band were both free gifts and not items I'd think to pick up myself. I can see myself getting good use out of them both though and I'm very happy with them, particularly the hair spikes.

All of the items pictured cost me under £12 total. I'm so impressed with the cost, quality and variety that I will definitely be shopping with Love From Misbehave! again. In fact, there is already a new item on the website that I'm eyeing up for next time.

(Bonus: If you like the Love From Misbehave! Facebook page you will find a voucher code for £5 off a £15 spend.)