Wednesday, 6 November 2013

OMCZ: Horizontal Stripes

As the newbie on the block in the OMCZ challenge, I felt a bit under pressure to come up with something fantastic for my first submission. I saw that the theme was "Horizontal Stripes" and felt quite confident that I could at least come up with something. So imagine my shock when I went to my wardrobe and found only these striped items; a nightie, 2 maternity tops, a top that had already featured in this blog and a cardigan that I haven't worn in three years.

This revelation has led me to question whether I conform to the myths that certain clothes just shouldn't be worn by people with fuller figures. I didn't think I did. It's never been a conscious decision to avoid stripes, short dresses or high neck tops but apparently, somewhere in my mind, these "rules" have been embedded.

So today I have been inspired to try new things. Next time I'm shopping I will shop outside my comfort zone. I will try on things I usually walk straight past. I might just find something that surprises me!

In the meantime, I thought I'd take the chance to post a picture of me actually wearing the top I mentioned a couple of weeks ago from Yours Clothing. It's so comfy. It's one of my go-to tops to throw on if I'm going out somewhere casual although the length does tend to accentuate my lower belly bulge with certain trousers. I blame this on my shape and the length of the top though, not the stripes.

I did think this was a bit of a cop-out since I have already featured this top before but I couldn't think of anything else I had that had horizontal stripes on at all, except...

My most favourite scarf of all time!

I'm sorry to say that this is my snuggly excitement face.

So there you go. My first Outside My Comfort Zone feature.
I'm excited to see what the other ladies taking part will come up with:

Becky Brown
Hollie Http://


  1. LOVE the bottom photo! Your top is really nice, and the scarf reminds me a bit of one I knitted (inspired by Dr Who) when I was a teenager. x x

    1. Haha thanks! Its my Tom Baker scarf. Its years old but I adore it x

  2. Welcome to the challenge, I love the top and the scarf looks so snuggley.

    I always say I love stripes and wear them a lot, well I found about 3 things that were stripy and bought a new top! hehe x

    1. I love how this OMCZ has inspired us to buy more stripes. Excellent! x

  3. You have an amazing hourglass shape! Looking good hun. x :)