Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

I planned a Halloween blog post for today. I was going to tell you all about my spooky nails, make up, costumes and pumpkin shortbread. Thanks to a clumsy fall and torn ligaments in my foot and ankle, I didn't finish my nails, wear any makeup or make shortbread. 

So in lieu of a proper Halloween post here is a terrifying picture of me with a pumpkin on my head.

Of course there's one thing that comes from laying in bed feeling sorry for yourself and that is comfort shopping! So in the next week or so you will see posts about a jewellery haul from Love From Misbehave! and some new purchases from Evans, George at Asda and New Look.

Happy Halloween xx

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Hanna over at The Wardrobe Challenge is currently running a fabulous giveaway for a lovely tshirt, so I thought I'd show you the outfit I would put together around the prize tee. (Click here to be taken straight to the giveaway.)

Top, Lane Bryant
Black PU studded biker jacket, Yours Clothing
Check leggings, Simply Be
Clarks Kankan Buzz Boots, Simply Be

I think the biker style is the perfect outfit for this top. It's edgy but comfortable. The perfect combination!

I promise I will start blogging more about my outfits and such like. I have actually been given £200 (as an early Christmas present) by my wonderful man to go out and get a few bits. £40 of that went straight on jeans though! Today however is all about doing my Halloween nails.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Lazy Sunday

I went for a safe bet with todays outfit. A sunday lunch with family followed by sitting on the floor entertaining children meant I had to think sensible. 

I love the drop pocket longline hoodies from Yours Clothing. I actually bought a second one in black and purple stripe. They're soft, so comfortable and have a good amount of stretch. They don't hug under my boobs as much as I'd like but adding a belt would solve that issue.
I paired the top with a pair of Evans high waisted jeans I've had for a while. They're a touch on the loose side for me but that prevents them cutting in when I bend over which was practical for today.

I very nearly reached for my usual Converse on the way out this afternoon but wore a pair of New Look ankle boots instead. I adore New Look boots. They fit me perfectly. Snug but not uncomfortable and need no breaking in. 

So although I played it safe today I felt good. I added a pop of colour with red accessories and found another style of top that suits me. Things are looking up!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Awkward First Blog Entry

This is my blog of self discovery. Of plus size fashion. Of rebuilding my confidence and loving my body no matter it's size or shape. I recently gave birth to twins and as such my shape has completely changed. Completely. I struggle sometimes to find clothes that suit my new body and I'm sure there are thousands of girls who feel the same way. Here I will endeavour to talk about the clothes I am comfortable in. The clothes I'm daring to wear despite being outside my comfort zone. New outfits, old habits, guilty pleasures. The small victories and big achievements.

I will no longer be defined by jeans, tops and converse. I will wear dresses. And knee high socks. And boots. Heels. Lipstick. I am redefining myself starting right now.

Join me.