Tuesday, 28 January 2014

OOTD: Scruffy Chic

Ok so there's nothing chic about this look. I should probably follow other bloggers in having sleek hair and beautiful makeup... But I'm secretly waiting for scruffy bedhair to make a comeback. I'm totally ok with looking a bit (a lot?) bedraggled on a lazy day like today.

Shrug, belt, leggings: Yours Clothing
Dress: Everything5Pounds
Shoes: Converse

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Pick Of The Sales: Just Another Blogging Challenge

Welcome to another installment of Just Another Blogging Challenge. This months theme is January Sales & Bargains.

I've been quite a good girl this year and haven't gone completely mad in the sales. I have however managed to put together an outfit with a couple of bits I snapped up in the post-Christmas frenzy.

Dress: Pink Clove £8 (Reduced from £20)
Belt: Yours Clothing £6.40 (Reduced from £12, currently £8)
Shrug: Yours Clothing £4 (Reduced from £12.50, currently £5)

Take a look at these girls' sales bargains:

Friday, 17 January 2014

#OMCZ 24: Keeping It Casual

Morning all and welcome to another installment of Outside My Comfort Zone.

This weeks theme, chosen by the lovely Natalie, is Keeping It Casual.

I confess this was a bit of a rush job for me as I was in the middle of moving house when this post was due. But I thought to myself, what's more casual than chucking on some clothes to lug boxes and furniture around?

So this is my moving day self portrait as taken in my in-laws mirror. Complete with dirty hair and sans make up. 

This AX Curve dress used to be one of my party dress options but I've worn it so much that its now a bit scruffy and has become "everyday" wear. It's so comfy though, I can see it sticking around for a looong time yet.

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My Favourite Dressy Purchase of 2013

You know sometimes an item of clothing catches your eye and from that moment on becomes something of an obsession? That's what happened to me and this dress

I first saw one very similar online at Topsy Curvy and I vowed I'd buy it. Treat myself. Then it disappeared and I was heartbroken. 
Fast forward to a month later and this popped up on Yours Clothing along with a didcount code. How could I refuse?! I snapped it up even though I had nowhere to wear it so it was saved for new years eve and has since been worn to a wedding reception. 

I love this dress. The fabric hangs beautifully on every curve making the shape very flattering. It's got a good amount of stretch to the fabric. It does thin out the pattern across my boobs as the white shows through under the print but it's such a busy pattern that I dont think it matters. The sheer panel at the top is a touch of genius. I can show a bit of cleavage without actually showing a bit of cleavage. Fabulous! 

Dress: Yours £35
Shrug: Yours £12

This dress is still available at Yours for £35 and is more than worth the money!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

My pick of the new Pink Clove additions

I don't know why I've never shopped from Pink Clove. There's always something that catches my eye on the website but for some reason I've just never taken the plunge.

There are some lovely new spring/summer clothes on the website so I thought I'd share with you my favourite pieces on the Pink Clove new arrivals page.

This dress looks so vibrant and the lace panel is a lovely addition. This would look gorgeous in other colours too.

Similar to the above dress but with no lace and additional sleeves. This would be ideal for chilly early spring. It's also available in a pale green but the particular shade would make my pale skin look washed out.

My wardrobe is slightly lacking in long tops and I've become a bit of a fan of dipped and hanky hems recently. Horizontal stripes? Of course, why not! Love this top.

Have you seen the new bits at Pink Clove? What are your favourites?

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Leia: The Hunt For A Big Sports Bra

As a somewhat busty woman I have often struggled to find a decent bra on the high street and getting a good fitting was close to impossible for me until I discovered Leia. The small but perfectly formed shop in Bluewater offers a fitting service and expert advice on bras and other lingerie.

I am quite religious about my fittings and make sure to get one every 6 months or so just in case, so last week my mother and I paid Leia a visit. I've been to other places for fittings before, from M&S who got it completely wrong, to Rigby & Peller who made me feel uncomfortable and pressured into making a purchase. But the staff at Leia seem happy just to be helping women work out what's good for them. The atmosphere in the shop is always friendly and chatty, everyone is genuinely happy to be there and, most importantly for plus size ladies like myself, you are never made to feel like you are anything other than normal. If you go to Leia you will not feel judged or looked down upon for something as trivial as the size of your back.

Mum and I wasted no time and arrived at Leia not long after the doors opened. I was greeted by a lovely lady named Ama and I explained to her that I'd seen the Freya Active on special offer so I wanted to give it a try and double check my size while I was there. I was directed to the dressing room to try on the bra. A few moments later, Ama knocked on the door and I welcomed her in to help me fit the bra properly. She explained that despite the Freya Active being the correct size for me, the straps did not shorten enough to offer the tops of my breasts any extra support so I'd still have an uncomfortable amount of bounce.

As disappointed as I was at not being able to get "the cheap option" I was very happy with the explanation as to why the bra wasn't a good fit. It seems Freya bras in general don't fit my breast shape particularly well.
I told Ama how I'd previously owned an Elomi Energise sports bra and that maybe I should try that one again. With none in store but some available online, Ama happily went back and forth getting different sized Elomi bras and fitting them to me, making sure I knew exactly what size I would need to order in the sports variety.

After we were happy and agreed that I was a 38JJ in the full cup Elomi (Caitlyn) bras, Ama wrote down all the details of my fitting and found the Elomi Energise in the catalogue for me. But of course that particular sports bra doesn't come in a 38JJ. The 38 back only goes to a J cup and the 40 back only goes up to an H! After a discussion with Ama and another fitter Gemma, we all agreed that the 38J would be the better fit as the 40 band would offer less support.

I was given the option to have it ordered to store so I could try it on when I collected it. However the timing isn't great for me as I'm moving 45 miles away so I will wait to order it online as the website offers free returns.

All in all I simply cannot fault any of the fitters at Leia. They are friendly, professional and the shop itself is well presented and sells a fantastic range of goodies at great prices. They have regular sales and offers and an outlet for reduced lines on the website. Be sure to take a look!

Do you have a favourite place for fittings? What sports bra do you use?

Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Me? Nah!

I am not a "new year, new me" kind of person. I will not be promising to change myself just because we all got a day older and a number changed on the calendar.

Having said that, I have still written a list. It's not a list of weight loss goals and "oh my gosh I simply must jump out of a plane this year," more a selection of things I would like to continue to work on. In the past 6 months my outlook on life has taken a bit of a dramatic leap in the right direction. I am a more positive person, less afraid to express myself or try new things. I've even found myself agreeing (and looking forward) to moving in with my in-laws!

So, here is my list. It is more of a reminder to continue down this road of positivity, happiness and self-worth rather than setting unrealistic goals because lets face it, I'm not giving up Ben & Jerrys any time soon!

The Big Things
Buy a house.
Do it up.
Don't ignore your 30th birthday.

Remain positive (you're doing so well).
Don't be afraid to be yourself.
Allow yourself the occasional wobble (you're only human).

Learn to accept the overhanging belly (it is a result of something incredible).
Walk more.
Drink more water.

Have a weekend away without the kids.
Try to have one date night a month.

Fight the anxiety.
Go to a blogger event.
Go to the local home ed meet.

Take photographs of my new home town.
Make something and sell it.
Blog more.

Now, that last one: Blog more. I very much intend to do this just as soon as I'm set up at the in-laws. For the next couple of weeks I will be crazy kinds of busy packing and sorting and moving house. Once I'm down there I can find the camera and tripod that my husband lovingly packed for me. Doh.

Until then, I will do my best to continue with blog challenges and outfits. But for now, here is my New Years Eve embarrassing toilet selfie:

Happy New Year!