Friday, 17 January 2014

My Favourite Dressy Purchase of 2013

You know sometimes an item of clothing catches your eye and from that moment on becomes something of an obsession? That's what happened to me and this dress

I first saw one very similar online at Topsy Curvy and I vowed I'd buy it. Treat myself. Then it disappeared and I was heartbroken. 
Fast forward to a month later and this popped up on Yours Clothing along with a didcount code. How could I refuse?! I snapped it up even though I had nowhere to wear it so it was saved for new years eve and has since been worn to a wedding reception. 

I love this dress. The fabric hangs beautifully on every curve making the shape very flattering. It's got a good amount of stretch to the fabric. It does thin out the pattern across my boobs as the white shows through under the print but it's such a busy pattern that I dont think it matters. The sheer panel at the top is a touch of genius. I can show a bit of cleavage without actually showing a bit of cleavage. Fabulous! 

Dress: Yours £35
Shrug: Yours £12

This dress is still available at Yours for £35 and is more than worth the money!


  1. Such a beautiful dress and you look so pretty in it :) Have added it to my wishlist!

    J x

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