Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Wednesday Wishlist - Be My Valentine

It feels like Christmas has only just been and gone but here we find ourselves with only two and a half weeks to shop for Valentines Day. We could argue all day about whether it's a truly love-filled romantic day or if it's a way for companies to profit from another commercial holiday, but however you see Valentines Day, I can guarantee nobody will be thinking about the actual Saint Valentine, the patron saint of love and beekeepers.

Actually beekeepers are greedy little feckers and have no less than three patron saints. But I digress. If I had a lot of money, and was my own boyfriend, I'd be asking myself for all the things on todays wishlist. Which has absolutely nothing to do with bees, sorry.

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1 / 2 / 3 / 4 /5 / 6 (Leopard Print here) / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

I think I have pretty much everything covered. Red, hearts, jewellery, underwear, makeup, date night outfit, cuddly toy, chocolate, candles. I've unintentionally managed to create the most cliche Valentines list possible. Oops. All I'm missing is a dozen wilting red roses from the garage forecourt.

Cliche or not though, I'd be pretty chuffed with anything (or everything) on that list. As it is, I'll just keep my fingers crossed for a card!

Do you "do" Valentines Day? Anything on the list tickle your fancy? 

Sunday, 25 January 2015

High Street Activewear: Not For Fats

When the numbers change on our calendar it prompts a lifestyle change in many people, with "new year new me" attitudes and various promises to get fit. That way of thinking is not for me (as I explained here) but if that's the goal someone sets out to achieve then I will gladly cheer them on their way.

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that this is when the new sportswear and active ranges start hitting the shops with "new" technology, bold colours, air max extras and the like. But I've noticed a problem on the high street that goes against what the "experts" are telling us.

With Katie Hopkins being forced by fat people to eat her way to 3 stone heavier and whatshisface promoting Tell A Friend They're Fat Day, these people are everywhere and their message is clear. LOSE WEIGHT. FAT IS BAD.

katie hopkins, fat, pizza, weight gain, chubby, bbw, curvy, belly, thighs, blonde
Shut up and gimme that pizza

Let me say now that I 100% disagree with their message. Fat is okay. Fat is absolutely fine. Im fat. I'm more than okay. I'm not diabetic, my blood pressure is great and most importantly I'm HAPPY.
But my fitness... Well, I'll be the first to admit there's room for improvement there, if only to keep up with the kids. I would love to be fitter and I don't particularly care either way if I lose weight or not.

So here we are. I want to get fit and as a fatty, I'm encouraged to do some form of exercise. Well, imagine my disdain when I see these new active collections from the likes of Boohoo and Missguided, two companies who have tirelessly promoted their plus ranges over the past few months, and it all stops at a size 14. A size which is in fact below the UK average for women. Where's the plus size activewear? Where are the sports tops for the very people the media are telling to get out there and move?
I look to Tesco who are also currently promoting their sports range to find that their activewear stops at an 18, just one size larger than the national average. 

fitness, sports, active, sportswear, plus size, plussize, boohoo, plus
Up to a size 14? Boo hoo indeed.

So where do plus size ladies of size 20 and above stand? The media says Get Fit and the fashion industry responds by saying "only if youre already small enough to fit into our stuff!"

I know there are other options (Fabletics I believe go up to size 22 and Taking Shape have a range of sports wear), but these other options cost more. If you are a big girl on a small budget, chances are you'll be stuck as I am, chub-rubbing dirty great holes into my Primark leggings because nothing else in my budget goes up to my size.

So this is an open request to any and all brands with a plus size selection. Fatties can be fitties too but we need your help to dress for the occasion. PLEASE give us a couple of options for fitness clothing. Give us bigger sizes. Give us patterns and colour. Just give us something.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Panties-To-Go with Caught Short*

In the mad rush of gift deliveries before Christmas, a mystery packet arrived on my doorstep that I knew wasn't a present I was waiting to wrap. I opened it up and to my amusement, a pair of knickers dropped onto the floor. These are such a nifty idea, I just had to share them with you!

caught short, caught-short, panties to go, knickers, panties, plus size, chubby, bbw, fat, woman,
These aren't just any panties. These are Caught Short Panties.
I don't think you need me to give you examples of those times when you could've done with that extra pair of pants tucked away in our handbag and this is what Caught Short is all about. Coming in white, black or ecru, these "Panties-To-Go" come in sizes S-XL (XL being a UK20-22) and the slimline, resealable and reusable pouch fits neatly inside your handbag for those "just in case" moments.

I tried these on and they have a lovely stretch. However I'm not a fan of the high leg bikini cut (they don't sit well on my frame) and I would love to see these coming in shorts and full briefs to suit a wider range of people some time in the future. But the idea and product are a great solution to an age old problem. So don't get Caught Short! If you fancy picking up a pair for those whoops moments, the Panties-To-Go retail at £7.50 per pair and you can purchase them via the Caught Short website.

*These Panties-To-Go were gifted but all opinions are my own

Monday, 5 January 2015

Pick Of The Sales: High Street Novelty Bags

I could make a list as long as both arms of novelty handbags that I love, want and absolutely definitely need in my life. But unfortunately the majority of these bags are designer accessories runnung into the hundreds or even thoudands of pounds. Dream on, Cupcake, dream on...

But wait! All is not lost! The high street and affordable fashion websites are forever upping their game when it comes to their cute and bizarrely fantastic handbag offerings. Many of them are currently on sale too so now is an excellent time to grab a bargain. Here are a few of my sale picks:

Camera (Accessorize) was £29 now £14.50 - Donut (New Look) was £12.99 now £4 - Chocolate (ASOS) was £12.99 now £9 - Clock (Accessorize) was £25 now £19 - Unicorn (ASOS) was £12.99 now £7.50 - Tape (Accessorize) was £25 now £12.50 - Milkshake (New Look) was £12.99 now £4

I'm finding it incredibly difficult to pick a favourite but the camera and the unicorn are probably the ones I'd use the most.
Which one would you pick?

Sunday, 4 January 2015

New Year, Same Me

Hooray, it's 2015! Happy new numbers everybody. I hope you spent New Years Eve exactly as you wanted. For me that was eating pizza and ice cream at home, being in bed by 11pm and seeing in the new year beside my snoring husband with a toddler nestled under my arm. What can I say? I'm no spring chicken. I've come to appreciate the finer things in life... and I'm extremely fond of my bed.

Of course for many the welcoming of a new year comes with a new start. New promises. Resolutions. But that's not me. To make such a strong vow to change would be to say that I am unhappy with my current self.

Last year I ditched the resolution and instead I have been focused on making daily decisions based on how I feel and this year will be no different. Feeling sassy? Work it. Feeling self conscious? Do whatever makes your confidence soar. Is the day a non-starter? Don't stress over it, take a day off. Start fresh tomorrow. Or the day after. Or next week. Do what you need to do to make the best of today. You can't make a blanket resolution for an entire year. Who knows what will happen in that time? So forget the annual resolution, take each day as it comes and just continue to be the same fantastic human being you've always been.