Tuesday, 22 September 2015

#THISISPLUS - The Campaign For ALL Plus Size Bodies

We've all seen by now the plus size campaigns by the likes of Evans and Lane Bryant, championing all shapes and sizes and throwing around catchphrases and hashtags like 'Style Has No Size' and 'Plus Is Equal' whilst parading women around the high street and in shop windows.

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But these campaigns have left a sour taste in the mouths (and fingers) of social media users the world over.
People are quite rightly asking, if style has no size, why are all of the models on the lowest end of plus size? Where is the size 24 model? The size 32? Where are the women of colour? Who is representing the petite among us? Why can't we see a shorter model amongst the 5'8+ leggy ladies?
It seems that unless you are tall, white and have and flat tummy to complement your size 16 hourglass figure, then plus is NOT equal.

But it should be. It has to be.
Who out there will represent my hanging belly? Who represents Sarahs 4ft 11 in frame?

Sarah blogs at plussizeproud.co.uk

In the same way that we can't get style inspiration from a size 6 mannequin, we can't be inspired by barely-plus models posing for photoshoots in shop windows. Plus bodies are so so varied and we need the clothing industry to realise that. To represent and inspire ALL. OF. US.

Inspirational plus size bloggers Katt (fatgirlforlife.co.uk), MoG (murderofgoths.co.uk) and Tanya (secretplussizegoddess.com)

#THISISPLUS is a tag for everyone but specifically anyone who feels that the high street plus size campaigns do not represent them. For the petite ladies, the older women among us, those of us with visible belly outlines or darker skin or a shape that differs from "industry standard."

#THISISPLUS is for you.

The world is not made up of industry standard people. We should not have to aspire to fit these standards. The outdated ideals are old fashioned and need a fresh start. We are all beautiful in our bodies and we deserve for those bodies to be represented fairly.

#thisisplus exists to show the international plus size industry that they need to take note. To change things up and start celebrating ALL plus size bodies, not opt for the same old formula that showcases only a tiny percentage of the people it is supposed to represent.


  1. Thanks for organising this, lovely! xx

  2. Amazing!!!! Needed to be said plus is not just hour glassed shaped lovely flat tummied, big boobed, pretty long haired girls. We have lumps and bumps, are not all the same and can all look bitchin as shown on this post. Well done on organising this x

  3. This is amazing! I just blogged about your hashtag, hope you don't mind. Included links to your Twitter and blog. I love this so much!

  4. In other words you all think this is great because you all on the verge of heart bypasses and diabetes.

  5. This is so awesome and I'm so glad to be part of it! Go us!