Monday, 20 April 2015

Modcloth Monday

A week ago I wrote an international wishlist and one of the brands I focused on was Modcloth.

When they hold their Stylish Surprise, the lucky dip sale where you can buy a dress for $20, I jump at the chance. Low price, no customs and no idea what you're getting- it's such a thrill!

I ordered 2 dresses but an error on the website meant that one order went through 3 times! Three of the four dresses shipped before I could cancel them and the second they arrived I ripped them open like a kid at Christmas and got my selfie on!

(As these are clearance items, they're no longer on the site but this shows the variety available.)

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First up was this lovely chiffon purple dress. I love the floaty feel of this and the deep neckline. It's my favourite of the three I think.

curvy cupcake, curvy, plus size, dresses, dress, modcloth, stylish surprise, thick, fat, chubby, chunky, bbw, fashion, fatshion, knees, legs, boobs, selfie, style, body, bodies, teal, green, polka dot, spot, lace

Next up was this teal spot party dress. I took this picture quickly as I was being ambushed by mini cupcakes but you can see its a bit big around the waist. It's my favourite colour though and I'll find an occasion to wear it.

curvy cupcake, curvy, plus size, dresses, dress, modcloth, stylish surprise, thick, fat, chubby, chunky, bbw, fashion, fatshion, knees, legs, boobs, selfie, style, body, bodies, fruity, halterneck, apples

Lastly is this quirky little number. With its halterneck and apple print, it makes me feel like I'm wearing an old set of kitchen curtains and I love that! I might convert the straps though as halternecks tend to make my neck ache. Such is life with big boobs!

I've always been fairly lucky with Stylish Surprise and love that Modcloth do these deals. And I must say the customer service over their Live Chat was absolutely superb. Long may it continue!

I wasn't alone in my Modcloth adventures. Take a look and see what Kathryn, Vicky, Nikki and Sarah got in their lucky dips!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A Promise

I've been asked on numerous occasions why I haven't vlogged in a few weeks. The reason is simple. I have children who kick tripods over and use them as dangerous weapons.

However I had an hour to myself today so I erected my dangerous weapon (stop it you) and had a natter to myself.

I made a promise. One I absolutely intend to keep. Take a look.

(My other promise is to smile more. Whoops.)

Monday, 13 April 2015

George at Asda: Top 7 Pieces

Yesterday I shared a wishlist consisting of dresses that are difficult to purchase for UK dwellers.
The list made me sad. I was yearning for bold prints and bright colours and not to be beaten I went on a hunt for obtainable, low cost, bold high street fashion on these shores and I didn't have to look far!

George at Asda are, for me at least, the best of the supermarket fashion brands. I admit their new collection of summer clothing even took me by surprise a little. There are some amazing pieces to be had!

I adore the bright colours of spring/summer. The yellow textured blazer is perfect for those slightly chillier summer evenings. There are a few coordinating lemon print pieces available at George just now but the eye-catching lemon print dress and cute cardigan are my favourites.
If youre into mixing patterns, the striped blazer, dotty leggings and cutout brogues could make a stylish outfit if teamed with a bright colour block dress.
And the seaside print dress is just fantastic. I live by the sea so this one is a must for me!

Some of the items listed are flying off their virtual shelves as soon as stock is replenished so be sure to keep a look out for them!

Have you bought anything from George lately? What's your favourite item on the list?

Plus Size International Wishlist

Have you ever seen someone wearing something that you'd really love only to find that it's from overseas and will cost a small fortune to import if they even ship internationally at all?
I've had my heart broken by so many pretty things because of this problem.

Below is a list of faves that I'd love to buy if they were available in the UK.
The list is forever changing but the bits below are what I've been coveting this week.

The UK needs a website like eShakti. As you can see above, there are some very pretty dresses (yellow flamingos? Yes please!) but that's not all. At eShakti there is not a plus size section, rather you pick a dress and pick a size. Everything for everyone. Love it. But wait! There's more! Once you've chosen your size you can choose other features. Want that dress with a different neckline? No problem. Want to remove the sleeves? Done. Is the dress too short? Just select how many inches you'd like to add.
The size inclusive customisation is desperately needed in the UK... but they don't even ship here. Sob!

And then of course there's Modcloth. Oh, Modcloth. I'm lucky enough to have had chances to buy from there in most part due to Stylish Surprise, which is an offer they do 2 or 3 times a year. An item in this offer costs $20 or less so it just scrapes below the import tax threshold. It is a lucky dip purchase though so my wishlist remains. And grows.

There are so, so many retailers not based in the UK that I'd be here all day listing them all So these are just two of my personal favourites.

Check out the bloggers below to see what they would spend all their pennies on if international shipping and duty wasn't an issue:

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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Hair Today... Gone Tomorrow

I love playing with my hair. Changing it's colour and style, chopping in layers and fringes... it's great fun! I've always lived by the "it'll grow back" mantra and just enjoyed living in the moment, doing whatever I fancied to my hair whenever I fancied it.

My two most recent colours

But in autumn of last year I began to lose my hair. I could run my fingers through it and end up with a handful of strands, sometimes huge clumps of hair coming away. I went through phases of knowing it was hormonal (delayed post-pregnancy hair loss from giving birth 17 months previous) and freaking out thinking I was going bald.

Although in moments of severe anxiety and depression I had considered just shaving my head to see what happened, I could never go through with it. I didn't want to lose my hair...

Which is why I have so much admiration for Sarah from Plus Size & Proud who will be shaving her hair (all of it!) for charity. TODAY!

Photo from

This amazing, inspirational woman will be going under the clippers this morning to raise money for Mind. More specifically her local, Mind In Cambridgeshire

Tomorrow, Sarah will wake up with no hair. And she's doing it all for charity. So much respect... so much!

So please, donate whatever you can at Sarahs justgiving page and look out for pictures on social media!

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Tiny Takeover: Outfit 7

So this is it folks! The final outfit compiled by Tiny. This one was picked with a trip to the park in mind, so hurrah for picking ankle wellies over sandals!

The ice cream print of the dress and the skeleton print on the leggings clash but it sits just the right side of quirky for me. It's kind of cute!

I've never paired the dress with anything denim before but I love how cute and casual it looks. I'll be doing this again for sure.

So that was it. The final #tinytakeover outfit. I will write a roundup in the next couple of days and to those of you who have asked me if I plan to do this again? I'm not sure yet. Stay tuned! 

Friday, 3 April 2015

Tiny Takeover: Outfit 6

Ok guys! This is the penultimate outfit by Tiny. He's started picking out dresses without my asking so who knows, maybe I'll let him do this more often!

This is one of my favourite dresses in one of my favourite prints. Tiny insisted on the spangly shoes from Outfit 1 and an old pair of bright red leggings.

This was fine until...

"You need something to keep you warm Mummy."

Well. This just felt all kinds of wrong.  But I don't make the rules. What Tiny says goes, so 50s dress and paisley kimono it is!

It was the first time I've worn this kimono. Actually, it's the first time I've ever worn a kimono. I'm converted! Thanks Tiny! For once again opening my eyes to something I'd not considered before.

Apologies for the terrible photos. These were taken raaather late in the day.)

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Tiny Takeover: Outfit 5

Day 5 of Tiny Takeover and we are feeling blue, folks. Tiny decided that this outfit needed to be colour coordinated.

I actually kind of like it!

I'm totally digging the boots/dress combo. Maybe not for everyday but it's kinda cool!

Unfortunately the tights are too small and rolled down in minutes, even with my pants on the outside. But I felt like a superhero so it's totally okay.

I'm impressed that Tiny has gone from crazy print clashes to this level of colour matching. I'm looking forward to seeing if this carries on to tomorrow.