Saturday, 11 April 2015

Hair Today... Gone Tomorrow

I love playing with my hair. Changing it's colour and style, chopping in layers and fringes... it's great fun! I've always lived by the "it'll grow back" mantra and just enjoyed living in the moment, doing whatever I fancied to my hair whenever I fancied it.

My two most recent colours

But in autumn of last year I began to lose my hair. I could run my fingers through it and end up with a handful of strands, sometimes huge clumps of hair coming away. I went through phases of knowing it was hormonal (delayed post-pregnancy hair loss from giving birth 17 months previous) and freaking out thinking I was going bald.

Although in moments of severe anxiety and depression I had considered just shaving my head to see what happened, I could never go through with it. I didn't want to lose my hair...

Which is why I have so much admiration for Sarah from Plus Size & Proud who will be shaving her hair (all of it!) for charity. TODAY!

Photo from

This amazing, inspirational woman will be going under the clippers this morning to raise money for Mind. More specifically her local, Mind In Cambridgeshire

Tomorrow, Sarah will wake up with no hair. And she's doing it all for charity. So much respect... so much!

So please, donate whatever you can at Sarahs justgiving page and look out for pictures on social media!

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  1. Thank you for sharing my lovely! It has been great just getting up this morning and getting dressed and not looking like I was pulled through a hedge.... Lol! x