Monday, 13 April 2015

Plus Size International Wishlist

Have you ever seen someone wearing something that you'd really love only to find that it's from overseas and will cost a small fortune to import if they even ship internationally at all?
I've had my heart broken by so many pretty things because of this problem.

Below is a list of faves that I'd love to buy if they were available in the UK.
The list is forever changing but the bits below are what I've been coveting this week.

The UK needs a website like eShakti. As you can see above, there are some very pretty dresses (yellow flamingos? Yes please!) but that's not all. At eShakti there is not a plus size section, rather you pick a dress and pick a size. Everything for everyone. Love it. But wait! There's more! Once you've chosen your size you can choose other features. Want that dress with a different neckline? No problem. Want to remove the sleeves? Done. Is the dress too short? Just select how many inches you'd like to add.
The size inclusive customisation is desperately needed in the UK... but they don't even ship here. Sob!

And then of course there's Modcloth. Oh, Modcloth. I'm lucky enough to have had chances to buy from there in most part due to Stylish Surprise, which is an offer they do 2 or 3 times a year. An item in this offer costs $20 or less so it just scrapes below the import tax threshold. It is a lucky dip purchase though so my wishlist remains. And grows.

There are so, so many retailers not based in the UK that I'd be here all day listing them all So these are just two of my personal favourites.

Check out the bloggers below to see what they would spend all their pennies on if international shipping and duty wasn't an issue:

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  1. Ooh I haven't heard of these retailers before but it looks as though they do some gorgeous pieces! xxx

  2. Those are amazing! They need to come to the UK

  3. Some absolutely lovely dresses there I haven't checked out eshakiti enough, I must go have a big look.

  4. I LOVE the flamingo and bicycle dresses - they look like the sort of dress that is cut for curves and would be a dream to wear! We need more places to get dresses like this in the UK definitely!

  5. Oooh these are all so cute ... I've not previously heard of eshakiti but now I'm gonna go drool over all the pretty dresses!

    C xx