About Me

Hello! I'm Katt. A 30-something mum of three from Kent.

As a young girl and all the way into my late twenties, I had no confidence in my appearance. I wore nothing but jeans and tshirts every day for years.

Then in 2011 I gave birth to my first son. Just 26 months later, in 2013, I gave birth to twin boys via c-section. Although overjoyed I felt (as many mothers do) that my self confidence had hit an all time low. My figure had changed and I had wide hips and a droopy belly overhang that I couldn't squeeze into my jeans.

I hit the internet searching for ways to dress for my new shape and feel confident again and that's when I discovered the world of plus size blogging. After just a few short weeks, the influence of the blogs I had read (and the coverage of Plus North 2013) made me realise that everyone can wear great fashion. Everyone can look sexy and ooze confidence. They just need to learn to love themselves.

I was so taken aback with this realisation that I started a blog right then and there. I thought that if these women of all shapes and sizes can make me see myself in a different light, maybe I could do that for someone too.

I've found that since putting my thoughts and photos out into the world that not only do I feel like a part of something special in the plus size community but I've also seen my own confidence grow more and more. The Katt of 2013 would laugh at the suggestion that maybe one day she'd have the confidence to wear a 1950s dress complete with petticoat and flower crown!

I still have insecurities of course but I know where I'm heading and I'm having an amazing time discovering and sharing new brands as well as old favourites, different styles and a whole new way of living.

I'm excited to have come all this way and hope my journey continues for as long as is humanly possible.

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