Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Real Rules of Plus Size Fashion

I've seen so many pictures and articles about how to survive summer as a fatty.
Don't wear these colours/shapes/patterns, dress in a tent, cover up this way or that way.
Who makes these rules?
It's so backward to me to give guidelines to anyone on how to dress.

So those pictures and articles are going to be shunned from my memory banks and replaced with my very own shoddily-put-together-in-paint-2-minutes-ago "rules"

I'm going to wear stripes.
I'm going to wear bright colours.
And bold patterns.
I'm going to get my arms out.
Get my legs out.
Cover up my cleavage if I want to.
(No I won't look frumpy, I'll look like me with my boobs covered.)
I'm going to be ME and I'm going to enjoy it.
And to those who judge, vocally or otherwise, to you I say HA! 
I like being me. I'm the best person for the job and I'm awesome at it.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Oh Bother

To my darling readers,
Things might be a little slow on the blog for a while as the Mini Cupcakes recover from chest infections and I dedicate every hour (day and night) to being Nurse Mummy. I'm averaging less than 3 hours sleep. I am a zombie. 

So while I'm barely able to keep my eyes open, I'm in my pjs and my hair is in a dirty funk, I still must remind you of something another zombie once said:

See you on the other side you gorgeous lot xo

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Floral Fancy with Lipstick Boutique

Hi lovelies,
Have you ever let a brand slip under your radar for no discernible reason only to then realise that you actually love them quite a lot? This happened to me recently with these guys.

Lipstick Boutique have recently launched the Curvy Collection on their website and I was given the opportunity to browse the Curvy Lookbook. With bright florals, bold colours and on trend cuts, Lipstick Boutique really have got something for everyone. There is no shying away from fashion or trying to hide your shape in drapes of dark fabric with this collection. 

This lace insert summer dress* was love at first sight for me. I adore the watercolour style of the flowers and the detail in the lace panel. It is fully lined so it's not too floaty or see-through and can easily be dressed up or down.

I went to an evening garden party last week and this dress was a hit. I had so many comments and compliments and the dress itself made me feel fantastic. You can't be unhappy in a dress as pretty as this.

For cooler evenings or if, like me, you sometimes shy away from getting the tree trunks out this dress can be worn with leggings. You'll still feel 100% gorgeous!

I cannot fault this dress at all. It is of fantastic quality and has just a teeny bit of stretch in it for comfort (although if you are generously boobed I would recommend maybe sizing up). 

Unfortunately the dress has sold out but you can take a look at what else Lipstick Boutique has to offer on their website here or on ASOS. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on their future offerings.

*This item was gifted but all opinions are my own.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

My Thighs Have Never Felt This Good!

Hello my beauties! It has probably come to your attention that we are currently enjoying the hottest week of the year so far. But as much we would love to toss aside the leggings in favour of floaty dresses, many of us will be fighting against the dreaded chub rub this summer. Well, stop walking like John Wayne ladies, relief is here in a little red tube. Vevina* is a new friction protection cream for all kinds of uncomfortable situations and I was kindly sent some recently to try out.

At first glance it simply looks like a moisturising cream. I was expecting a gel or balm, so with a little skepticism, I rubbed a generous amount on my inner legs and set off on an almighty 6 minute walk. (Well I didn't want to push my luck on the first try did I?) I came home with no red skin and absolutely no pain. Ay caramba, it worked!

I've slowly built up my confidence in this product and it's been something of a summer saver for me. My thunder thighs have never felt so free! Vevina leaves no oily or sticky residue, it's silky smooth to apply and the packaging is discreet enough to be kept in your handbag. What's more is that it's not just for thighs-It'll fight any of your chaffing battles for you. Armpit and bra not getting on? Pow! Underboob rubbing? Bosh! Belly overhang giving you a hard time? Thwack! Sorted.

You get a generous amount in one tube. I don't think you'll need more than one this season so it's well worth the excellent value of £9 and you can buy it here.

*This product has been gifted for review but all opinions are my own.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Money Saving Monday Part Deux

Hello lovelies! Another week, another Money Saving Monday.
As you probably know I am on a spending ban for July with the exception of essentials and gifts. Last week I confessed to a little slip-up with my Bare Minerals foundation but I've done surprisingly well this week.

I've barely looked at clothes at all! There are sales everywhere beckoning me, testing me, throwing the proverbial banana peel underfoot, but I've somehow managed to avoid temptation. Of course that doesn't mean I've been walking around with my eyes closed. I've been looking at other things (that I'm also not allowed to buy, grr) such as fabric:

And home stuff:

Unicorn Jewellery Dish
Brunch-osaurus Salt & Pepper Shakers

And also tattoos but that's a post for another day.
So, not much to report as you can see. I am eagerly awaiting a phone case which I pre-ordered about 6 weeks ago so hopefully I can show you that without guilt before the next installment of Money Saving Monday.

I wonder how the other money saving ladies are getting on...

Thursday, 10 July 2014

New Domain and Where To Find Me

Good morning lovelies,
Keeping this post short and sweet; I would like to inform you all that I got a dot com!
Please update your bookmarks to point to

Thank you!

Don't forget you can also follow me on the following sites:


Alternatively, email me! I would love to hear from you. Yes, YOU! xo


This afternoon my attention was brought to an article on the Daily Fail website. It was written by Linda Kelsey who doesn't like happy fat people.

Why SHOULD we be?

Seemingly with the intention of filling a gap left by Katie Hopkins since everyone got bored of talking about her, Kelsey, a self-confessed fattist, writes about 3 young ladies who appear to be in their early twenties and are happy and excited to be going on their holidays. They were going to a hot country so they wore shorts. They were also (according to Kelsey) "a size 18 at least" and not concerned or ashamed for being fat or wearing appropriate holiday clothing - Something Kelsey finds outrageous.

Why is this kind of body-shaming still acceptable? 
And what sort of message is this sending out to young girls (and boys)? That if you don't fit Linda Kelsey's ideal for the perfect body then you should hide away in a box of self-loathing and shame until such a time that she deems you "acceptable" by her standards? 

Sod that.

Fat, thin, gay, straight, black, white, male, female, Christian, Muslim, tattooed, pierced... These are the things that define you. Never let anyone tell you that you should be ashamed to be yourself.

I am Katt.
I am fat. 
I am happy. 
And I am unashamed.

Be who you are. Be whoever you want to be.
Don't let the bitches get you down. 

Monday, 7 July 2014

Money Saving Monday

As you may have seen me mention last week, I am on a self-imposed spending ban for all things fashion and beauty for July. There are a few things that have caught my eye this week that I am gutted to be missing out on but I don't need these things, so I can go without. For now!

To start with it was okay. On day 1, I just didn't think about it. On day 2, my You Beauty Discovery Box arrived. On day 3, a small free sample of Mac primer. Day 5, my gift from the Joyful June blogger gift swap.

And then yesterday. Day 6. Oh, how naughty I was yesterday.

Feel Unique currently have an active voucher code for £10 off a £25 spend (code MSEJUL14 valid until midnight Wednesday). They happen to stock my Bare Minerals foundation and I happen to be running out. So with the foundation and a Cosmo brush coming to £25.90, I would have been foolish to have missed the opportunity to get a tenner off, wouldn't I? That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

All in all I think I'm doing okay with the ban though. I didn't realize how much temptation there was to buy all the things, but the items I've seen this week that have made me think "ooh, I could do with that..." have far outweighed the two items I bought for fifteen quid. Take a look at my top 5 (in no particular order):

I love records. And I love cake. Records and cakes combined is basically a dream come true so this beauty of a cake stand from Modcloth is right up my street.

Some people (most people) say I'm slow. Or lazy. Or slow and lazy. I know how this sloth feels. You just gotta relaaaaaaaaaax.

The narwhal. Think of it as the unicorn of the sea or a big horny whale, either way it's pretty awesome and this brooch from LucysHappyPlace on Etsy is simply beautiful.

I started my Christmas shopping last month so forgive me for feeling a little festive already but I can't help but adore this Oh Deer brooch from The Crafty Show Shed on Etsy even during the summer month.

Last but most certainly not least, ever, is pretty much every swing dress available on the Lindy Bop website.
The Ophelia (right) is still my favourite but the new prints on the Audrey dresses (middle) and the stunning new Bella dress (left) give the Ophelia a run for her money.

So there you have it.
My confessions. My obsessions. And my word that I will try harder this week, I promise!

Take a look and see how the other bloggers taking part in the July spending ban are getting on:

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Hump Day Blues

Happy Hump Day, my lovelies!
Is it just me or does banning yourself from something make it that much harder to resist? Had this been a normal month I probably would have gone through the past two days not really thinking about spending money. But this isn't a normal month. This is No Spend July. I have banned myself from fashion and beauty shopping which means I want to do it more than ever. Especially since the new Lady V dresses are screaming at me to buy them ALL this week.

One thing I can do is window shopping. Wishlists will get me through.
This first of probably several No Spend July wishlists, was put together because of a serious lack of pretty blue things in my possession. I hope you see something you like.

Vintage Inspired Blues

China Blue

 I definitely need more blue in my wardrobe. What's your favourite dress from this wishlist?
Maybe, just maybe I'll treat myself to one of these when the ban is over. We shall see.