Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Real Rules of Plus Size Fashion

I've seen so many pictures and articles about how to survive summer as a fatty.
Don't wear these colours/shapes/patterns, dress in a tent, cover up this way or that way.
Who makes these rules?
It's so backward to me to give guidelines to anyone on how to dress.

So those pictures and articles are going to be shunned from my memory banks and replaced with my very own shoddily-put-together-in-paint-2-minutes-ago "rules"

I'm going to wear stripes.
I'm going to wear bright colours.
And bold patterns.
I'm going to get my arms out.
Get my legs out.
Cover up my cleavage if I want to.
(No I won't look frumpy, I'll look like me with my boobs covered.)
I'm going to be ME and I'm going to enjoy it.
And to those who judge, vocally or otherwise, to you I say HA! 
I like being me. I'm the best person for the job and I'm awesome at it.

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