Thursday, 21 August 2014

Lookin Fiiiiine with Black Heart Creatives (And 20% Discount)

For a long time I admired Black Heart Creatives from afar. With their excellent designs and custom perspex necklaces I felt a little bit spoilt for choice and, using proper backwards logic, I decided to buy nothing rather than make a decision to buy just one thing.

But I bit the bullet for Fathers Day. My eldest and I took my husband to a sci-fi event and I figured a new necklace was required for the occasion. I instantly thought to the custom necklaces I'd seen others wearing from Black Heart Creatives and emailed them about my idea. Quicker than you can say nerdfest, the necklace was around my neck.


I love this piece. I get so much wear out of it. The size is perfect, the perspex feels strong and sturdy and the length is spot on for me. It's the little personal touches that make Black Heart Creatives stand out from the rest. The time taken to make sure you are perfectly happy with your design, the presentation of each item in it's own lovely box and finishing touches to the necklace.

After receiving the necklace I was sent an item from the Palm Bling range.
These Fiiiiineapple earrings* are marvelous! They're a little bit cute and a little bit quirky and they look fab peeking out from under my pigtails! And with the options of stud or drop earrings in gold (matte or mirrored) or translucent neon (orange or yellow), there truly is something for everyone. There is even a matching necklace and brooch available so you can treat yourself to the whole set!

If you like what you see, or fancy your very own custom piece of awesome Black Heart Creatives jewellery, you can use the promo code KATT20 for 20% off for the next 7 days. So go forth to Black Heart Creatives and see what takes your fancy. And don't forget to let me know what you decide on!

*denotes a gifted item