Sunday, 25 January 2015

High Street Activewear: Not For Fats

When the numbers change on our calendar it prompts a lifestyle change in many people, with "new year new me" attitudes and various promises to get fit. That way of thinking is not for me (as I explained here) but if that's the goal someone sets out to achieve then I will gladly cheer them on their way.

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that this is when the new sportswear and active ranges start hitting the shops with "new" technology, bold colours, air max extras and the like. But I've noticed a problem on the high street that goes against what the "experts" are telling us.

With Katie Hopkins being forced by fat people to eat her way to 3 stone heavier and whatshisface promoting Tell A Friend They're Fat Day, these people are everywhere and their message is clear. LOSE WEIGHT. FAT IS BAD.

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Shut up and gimme that pizza

Let me say now that I 100% disagree with their message. Fat is okay. Fat is absolutely fine. Im fat. I'm more than okay. I'm not diabetic, my blood pressure is great and most importantly I'm HAPPY.
But my fitness... Well, I'll be the first to admit there's room for improvement there, if only to keep up with the kids. I would love to be fitter and I don't particularly care either way if I lose weight or not.

So here we are. I want to get fit and as a fatty, I'm encouraged to do some form of exercise. Well, imagine my disdain when I see these new active collections from the likes of Boohoo and Missguided, two companies who have tirelessly promoted their plus ranges over the past few months, and it all stops at a size 14. A size which is in fact below the UK average for women. Where's the plus size activewear? Where are the sports tops for the very people the media are telling to get out there and move?
I look to Tesco who are also currently promoting their sports range to find that their activewear stops at an 18, just one size larger than the national average. 

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Up to a size 14? Boo hoo indeed.

So where do plus size ladies of size 20 and above stand? The media says Get Fit and the fashion industry responds by saying "only if youre already small enough to fit into our stuff!"

I know there are other options (Fabletics I believe go up to size 22 and Taking Shape have a range of sports wear), but these other options cost more. If you are a big girl on a small budget, chances are you'll be stuck as I am, chub-rubbing dirty great holes into my Primark leggings because nothing else in my budget goes up to my size.

So this is an open request to any and all brands with a plus size selection. Fatties can be fitties too but we need your help to dress for the occasion. PLEASE give us a couple of options for fitness clothing. Give us bigger sizes. Give us patterns and colour. Just give us something.


  1. I was so disappointed with Boohoo's activewear range - especially when they wouldn't even reply to my tweets asking why!

    I buy karrimor a lot - it's a great fit on me and can be picked up for pennies from Sports Direct. They're also fairly generous on the sizing and I wear a size smaller than normal from them!

    C xx

  2. You’re great! Even I have started feeling happy about myself. I totally agree that it is okay to be fat till the time you are happy. Even fat people can wear designer leggings and shorts if they like. This post is very much inspiring. I would love to share it with my sister and my friends as well.