Friday, 29 November 2013

You've Got My Back

When the lovely Leah over at Just Me, Leah asked if anyone would brave the subject of this blog post, I instantly put my name down. Almost everyone has this little extra padding yet it is never talked about in a positive or even neutral light. I'm talking about the dreaded back fat.

We all have issues with parts of ourselves. Some of these problem areas are so seldom discussed that we suffer in silence thinking that we're the odd ones out with back fat, cellulite, an overhanging tummy. But we are not alone. These things are normal. WE are normal.

So everyone, please say hello to my completely normal back.

It has fat. Rolls. In some unflattering bras, I'd go so far as to say it looks like a second set of slightly too high up jiggly buttocks. But it's mine and it's here for the foreseeable future.
Do I love it? No. Do I even like it? Not really. But I accept that it is part of me. I am learning to accept myself for who I am and looking at my back, learning about a part of me that I never actually see, is quite liberating. A revelation of sorts. In fact, even now as I look at the photos, I hate them less and less. I'm sat here thinking y'know what? Shar Pei puppies are cute and they have rolls. Maybe I can look at my back rolls like a shar pei. Huggable, squeezable... maybe one day I could learn to love the folds of my back. Maybe.

That's not to say that I enjoy showing off this back fat or that I will be buying backless dresses any time soon. In fact, the reason I jumped at the chance to write about my back folds is because I tried on a dress a few days before I volunteered to do this post. The dress looked lovely from the front. It made my boobs look fab and my waist nipped in nicely. But then I turned around and looked in the mirror over my shoulder. Oh, hello, unexpected bulges!

I bought the next size up in the dress, making the waist slightly less nipped in and my boobs a little less fabulous, just to attempt to cover up something that is just a part of me. But now, looking at the pictures, I regret that decision. Why did I try hiding something which isn't all that offensive in the grand scheme of things? And that's the thing. It's NOT offensive. I'm not offensive. I'm completely normal.

So here's to having back fat, being normal and still feeling fabulous.

A massive massive THANK YOU to Leah for encouraging me to look at a part of myself in more detail than I would normally find comfortable. It's been a real eye opener and it feels fantastic!

*Please visit Leah's original post where she gives two perspectives on back fat and body positivity.


  1. I'm so happy for you Katt. Well done on doing it and your back look really good. I've got a lot more rolls than you;) you look amazing. X x x

  2. Your back is gorgeous! This is a brilliant post. Love, love, love it! xxx