Saturday, 7 December 2013

Christmas Casual

I have neglected my corner of the internet recently. I apologise. Family dramas and illnesses are now (hopefully) over and I'm back on track.
So here's a quick ootd from me.

I received this tshirt from Yours Clothing (retailing at £12.99 on the website just now). It arrived yesterday and I knew I had to wear it for the Herne Bay christmas light switch on tonight. I was a bit unsure about the ruched sides but combined with the length it's rather flattering. I adore the red glitter embellishments however I'm not sure they'll last the wash. I'm dropping glitter everywhere I go. It only needs to last the season though so it's not too much of an issue. All told, I love it! 



  1. I just found your blog, you are so pretty and the top looks amazing!

  2. I love this t-shirt too. You look great. I always forget to check out Yours Clothing.. Used to shop a lot there before, but not for a while now. My hubbys cousin lives in Herne Bay. Was it good? xx