Monday, 18 November 2013

Skater Girl: Dress Wishlist

I'm still not entirely brave enough to venture away from skater dresses just yet. I've found a style that I like and that likes me back. Because of my ample boobage and high natural waist, this style of dress suits my shape perfectly. It nips in at the right place and skims my hips nicely. Love em!

These are my current top three skater dresses on my wishlist... I just need a few paydays to hurry up:

1. Yours Clothing Wine And Black Sleeveless Flock Skater Dress With Patent Belt £35

 I absolutely adore this dress. Burgundy feels a bit like my safe colour now that I'm trying to avoid too much black but I feel so comfortable in it. This dress has a lovely stretch to it (yay elastane!) and is true to size. I am usually a 22 and tried sizing down to a 20 but it hugged a little bit too much above the waistline. I really love the large print, it's not something I would've gone for before but I keep going back to this dress. It will be my Christmas dress, somehow.

2. Evans Black Lace Skater Dress £45

This is a beautiful lace skater dress from Evans. It's very lightweight and I think it'd look lovely either dressed up with gold jewellery and heels or a bit more casual with a biker jacket and ankle boots. This was my original Christmas choice but it got bumped down to 2nd simply because a) it's more expensive than the dress from Yours and b) I caught my ring while trying it on and I would worry about snagging the lace maybe a bit too much. It felt so natural and comfortable to wear though, especially as it has the added bonus of covering the upper arms so it's still in my wishlist top 3!
Also worth noting I had to size down to a 20 for the best fit.

3. Topsy Curvy Navy Velvet Heart Printed Skater Dress £30

I've never tried on anything from Topsy Curvy so I can't comment on the sizing or feel of this dress but I do know it's gorgeous! It only went up on the website this week but it's got my attention already. It's 95% polyester 5% elastane, which is the same as the Yours dress so I expect it'll fit in a similar way- hugging all the right places and skimming over the rest. 

So. That is my current Wishlist Top 3.
Just for fun, here is a changing room photo of me in the Top 2 dresses.

Is anyone else as hooked on skater dresses as I am?


  1. I love skater dresses, but they have to be longer length ones as my bum is so big they're indecently short otherwise. I think they both look great on you but the Yours one makes your boobs look amazing! :) xx

    1. I have the bum issue too but I also have short legs so it balances out. I think. I also rely heavily on good leggings that don't stretch too thin.
      And thank you... yay boobs! Haha xx

  2. I have said it before and say it again, go for the Yours one. It is flattering, it is colourful, it has a beautiful design and print and like Leah say, it makes your boobs look amazing. :) xx

    1. Thanks lovely! I ordered it the night before last. Might get a wider belt to go with it... not sure it'll look too blocky though with big belt and big print. We shall see! Xx

  3. Love all these dresses and i agree with the others, yours boobs look incredible! I have a problem with skater dresses because not only am i big with a rather large derrière, i'm also quite tall so they have a tendency to be quite short on me but think i might have to go do some window shopping and see :)

    J x