Friday, 3 July 2015

Blog Every Day In June- Or Not!

When I started the Blog Every Day in June challenge I didn't take into account the fact that I may hit a slump in my depression cycle at some point in those 30 days.

That's the problem with depression isn't it?  It's as difficult to predict as it is to understand. Out of nowhere you stop taking care of yourself and you get weak and find yourself, in this case at least, struck down with a painful intestinal infection.

Suffice it to say June was not the one. But I did learn from it. I only managed around 9 days of solid blogging but within the first week I realised that pumping out daily posts, clutching at topics and finding quick workarounds doesn't work.
I want to love what I'm writing.  I want to feel something for my subject and feel like I'm doing it through choice, not obligation.

So whilst I'm not going to sit here and say No More Challenges, I will say this: I want a challenge I will enjoy. I need to be able to fit it around my life and children and as such I very much doubt I will take part in a frequency challenge beyond 7 days again.

So you can all breathe a sigh of relief!

Normal service is resumed.

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