Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Ikea Mini-Haul

Good day lovelies! I am alive!

Thank you, if you are reading this, for sticking around and forgiving my hiatus. A lot has happened in the land of Cupcake of late. My biggest little started nursery, I got put on a bucketload of happy pills and most importantly after finding a place to rent I (meaning my family and I) are moving out of the in-laws house. Hurrah!

I'm so excited to have a space we can personalise to suit us as a family. Having said that I have allocated a corner of the new bedroom for me and me only!
My dressing table will live there and I couldn't resist buying a few bits for my corner while on our formerly sensible "furniture only" trip to Ikea.

I didn't intentionally buy all the pink. It just happened.
I'm always on the look out for ways to store and/or display make up, jewellery, etc. and the flower ice cube tray will be perfect for small pairs of earrings. I have no idea what I will use the rest for yet but you can never have too many boxes, tins or stands.

These badboys were only 75p!
I can never resist a unicorn.

I'm currently addicted to scouring Pinterest for storage solutions for sunglasses, shoes, makeup, statement necklaces and dressing tables in general.
How do you organise your bits and bobs?


  1. Flamingos anf unicorns ♡ I neeeeed ikea xx

  2. This is so creative and fun! I'd be inadvertently drawn to all the pink, too. Your idea for stashing earrings in the ice cube tray is genius! And those flamingo cups are so cute. Maybe to put make-up brushes? Or q-tips? Or lip glosses? I always overlook IKEA when I'm shopping for home decor, but I really shouldn't. Thanks for this reminder!

    P.S. I'm super jealous of your unicorn pillow. :-)

    <3 Liz

    1. Ohhhh, q-tips.. thats such a great idea! I had thought of using one for brushes, or maybe bobby pins.
      Ikea is one of those places that people only think to visit for big storage and furniture but I love their little niknaks.
      Thanks for reading! xo