Monday, 31 March 2014

100 Happy Days - #100happydays

Those of you who know me will already know that I'm a bit of a grumbly arse.
I suffer from chronic depression with bouts of severe depression and social anxiety. I am also a stay at home mum to a very lively toddler and twins who are learning to walk. Don't get me wrong its the best job in the world but it means I have no time to be alone or to gather my thoughts. Ever. So generally speaking I'm a bit frustrated and an overwhelmed moany old cow.

With this in mind, tomorrow I will join the 100 Happy Days project. I will capture one moment every day that makes me smile. My hope is to record these moments and train my brain to recognise glimmers of positivity and realise that things really aren't all bad. I'm seeing this as a form of therapy. CBT for crabby old me.

If you would like to keep up with my progress, please check my Instagram for daily photo updates and check back on the blog for a round-up every 7 to 10 days.

You can also keep an eye on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook for regular updates.

Are you taking part in 100 Happy Days? Please comment with a link to your blog/IG/twitter so I can see how you're getting on!

Katt xo


  1. What a great post, and looking forward to taking this journey with you xxx

    1. You too lovely... thanks for the inspiration xxx

    2. Most welcome sweet! x

  2. Yay glad you ladies are joining least I will be with you for my last half xx

  3. I would love to join this challenger, but I can't commit to it. I look forward to following your posts though. Yay to positivity. I'm struggling with depression too,.but try to think positive. X x x