Saturday, 30 May 2015

A Plus Size Promise

Back in April I uploaded a video making a pledge of self confidence for summer and invited all you fellow plus size beauties to join me in making promises to ourselves.

I'm delighted and flattered that the gorgeous Debz from Wannabe Princess took inspiration from this and did what she does so amazingly well; She encouraged the plus size blogging community to come together and make 5 promises to live by this summer.

I jumped on the chance to expand on my video, so here are my five Summer Promises:

1) I will dress for the weather and for my mood and will make no apologies. I will don my ice cream dress without fear of being the fatty covered in ice cream. I will free my arms from their long sleeved prison and let my bingo wings flap in the breeze with nary a care for what people think.

2) I will eat in public. Everybody eats. It's natural. I'm human. I will not be shamed. If I want to picnic with my kiddies then I shall. I live by the sea! Frozen treats will be consumed on the beach and they will be enjoyed and not guilt-ridden.

3) I will attempt to get a tan on my legs. And even if I don't I will enjoy not spending my entire summer in leggings. My calves have been hidden for too many years. They need to see daylight!

4) This is the biggie. I will allow myself bad days. I'm not a robot. We all feel crappy sometimes. But most importantly I will pick myself up from those bad days, dust myself off and carry on. I will not let negative days turn to weeks. I will not allow hateful comments to consume me or reverse all the work I've done to achieve body acceptance.

5) I will be me. 100% unashamed.

What will your summer promises be? 

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  1. Love: 'I will be me. 100% unashamed'!!!!

    I I lived by the coast, I would be eating all of the frozen treats and all of the fudge *heaven* ...

    C xx

  2. Replies
    1. Totally! You cant be all "IM NEVER GOING TO FEEL CRAP EVER" because its setting yourself up for disappointment. It's alllll about how you deal with the bad days. That's one of my main focuses this year to be honest xx

  3. Love these. I'm going to wear what I like, never mind what anyone else thinks.

  4. I think the eating in public one is very important. WE need food to live and shouldn't be ashamed to eat where ever we want!!! x

  5. such a great post! I am going to wear what I want whatever mood I am in this summer, hopefully it will be sunny this year haha:)

  6. Love your promises! This whole challenge has given me some brilliant promises to add to my list. Being 100% ourselves is a great one! ��

  7. I feel 2 and 4 so hard! If anyone says anything when you eat, give them the finger and then make loud, slurpy appreciative noises! Fuck em. xx