Monday, 17 November 2014

Early Christmas Discount From Yours Clothing!

Sorry folks, talking about "that time of year" is 100% unavoidable now. X Factor and the Coca Cola advert. John Lewis and their pengiun. Cadbury and their (lack of) chocolate coins. Everyone's talking about it and with less than 6 weeks to go until Christmas, you may want to think about sorting out your outfit for the day and (if you're anything like me) maybe another outfit for Boxing Day too. Not to mention the stretchy pants for when you're as stuffed as the turkey.

To help you along, the lovelies at Yours Clothing are offering a festive £5 discount on all full-priced purchases throughout today and tomorrow both online and in store with the use of the voucher below. Enjoy!

I've taken a look at the party dresses on the Yours website and picked a few of my favourites that are currently eligible for the discount. I've been sensible and chosen mostly darker colours. Let's face it, nobody wants to witness the horror of a gravy covered sprout rolling down a baby pink dress!

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Head over to Yours Clothing now to get kitted out for Christmas!

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