Friday, 7 November 2014

Tess Munster & Yours Clothing: A Perfect Pairing

Exciting news guys! Today it was announced that Tess Munster is going to be working with Yours Clothing for some up and coming campaigns. This is amazing for all involved and something of a breakthrough for a UK plus size high street store.

Most models hired for plus size campaigns on the high street are a size 14 or 16, which I believe is the UK average. To me it makes little sense to hire an average sized model to showcase plus size clothing. It's far more realistic to have someone larger than the national average to show us what plus size clothes may look like on a plus size target market. Why this isn't done more often is beyond me so hats off to Yours Clothing for taking this step. Let's hope more brands follow suit.

This pairing of Yours and Tess is a little more significant than just the coming together of a brand and a model for me and quite possibly many others.

As recently as 14 months ago I was a completely different Cupcake. I had no confidence and  no self esteem. I had a very negative body image and couldn't handle even the slightest suggestion that I put on a dress. And then someone shared a post on Facebook.

It was the first time I had ever heard of or seen Tess Munster and I instantly admired her attitude, her confidence and the way she was completely unashamed to stand up to everyone and say "This is me. I am beautiful. If you don't like it... That's not my problem,"

I decided I had to feel like that.
I had to turn my life around and try new things. To not feel ashamed of who I am and to accept and learn to love what I then perceived to be flaws. That weekend I went shopping in Yours Clothing and bought my first two dresses since I don't know when (my wedding dress absolutely does not count) and almost instantly became a happier, more confident version of myself.

So thank you Tess. Thank you Yours.
You got me out of a rut.

I can't wait to see the results of this campaign.

**To celebrate the announcement, Yours  Clothing are offering a 20% discount to new customers with the promotional code "TESS"

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