Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Perfect Prints With Silly Old Sea Dog

That's it folks, I'm moving on to pastures new. Foral prints are done for!

Okay, that's obviously not entirely true. But while I love my big daisies and sparkly rose prints, recently my attention has been directed towards bigger, bolder and dare I say more exciting prints?

After a short love affair with Modcloth (which might have been a lifelong relationship if it weren't for postage costs and customs fees), during which I received three dresses with gorgeous prints and not a flower in sight, my eyes have wandered to find more of these petal-free pretties. I wasn't quite sure how I might trump a woodland print, scottie dogs and a tropical fruitgasm but I think I've done it.

You may have already heard of Silly Old Sea Dog, a wonderful company producing 50s style clothing in not-so-50s style prints, possibly due to their fantastically popular Cartoon Dress (available up to a size UK28) which is so high on my Wishlist Of Awesome Things right now. I have to get me one of these.

I've been an admirer of Silly Old Sea Dog for a while now, so I was rather excited when they contacted me showcasing some new and upcoming products. The first dress to catch my eye was this awesome quirky fox print. How cool is this little guy with his hats and neckties!

This foxy dress will be available up to a size 20 which, while great news for some, is unfortunate for a lot of us fat babes who are far too flabulous to squeeze into such sizes. My chest would be bustin seams all over the place!

Not one to be deterred however, I kept a keen eye on the Silly Old Sea Dog new arrivals and found the gorge turquoise Forest Friends dress which is available now up to a size UK28.

What a beaut! I absolutely adore the colour of this dress and it makes such a refreshing change from the butterflies or owls that seem to have overpopulated plus size fashion of late. There are wolves and eagles and bears, oh my! A fantastic take on a wildlife theme.

And now they're producing a Christmas collection which I cannot wait to see, so keep an eye out for that!

Have you bought anything from Silly Old Sea Dog? What's your favourite print?


  1. I'd never heard of the company so thanks for bringing it to my attention. Great prints.

  2. I love prints sooo much and have had my eye on a silly old sea dog dress for a while. I adore that fox dress too and am saddened it is only available to a size 20, I can only just squeeze into my Limb dresses that are a size 20 so wouldn't chance it :( For cheaper print dresses Vampire Bunnies are really good as are uncommon nonsense!

  3. To cute! Modcloth is killing me to with postage costs