Friday, 5 June 2015

#BEDJ - Blog Roll

I've put todays blog off until the last possible moment because how on earth do I narrow down a list of a billion amazing bloggers to a select few to tell you about? I've met so many beautiful, inspiring women that I wouldn't have a clue where to start.

OKAY. So here are some of the beauties I have met and there are just so many more that this will never feel fair!

1) Sarah

Sarah is one of the loveliest, most honest and caring people I've had the privilege of meeting. Her blog reflects this and just look how beautiful she is! Even in fancy dress stood next to a toy sheep she's bloomin gorgeous!

2) Becky
Becky gives me extreme dress envy. We have fairly similar loves when it comes to brands and styles. She owns almost every dress I've ever wanted and on the day the photo above was taken, after trying on the same clothes, I may have tried sneaking out of the changing room wearing her dress!

3) Caroline
What's not to love about this lady? She's stunningly beautiful inside and out. Her blog is THE place to go for bra advice, sizing and reviews. She's also a fellow Kent lass, so she gets extra points for that!

4) Leah
Leah is one incredible lady. She tells it like it is, isn't afraid to speak her mind and sticks to what she believes in. We need more Leahs in the world.

5) Debz
No list is complete without Debz. She has done so much for body positivity and campaigning for size inclusive fashion. She's a huge inspiration to so many people and the plus size blogging world wouldn't be the same without her.

I told myself when I started writing that I'd limit myself to five bloggers. There are so many more people I want to mention but it is twenty to midnight and I need to stop somewhere. I will write another one of these very soon, sharing more of my favourite plus size bloggers.


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me. I really am honoured to be amongst such fabulous women, including you xxx

  2. They are all wonderful! Couldn't agree more with your list :D