Wednesday, 3 June 2015

#BEDJ - I Am The Mum Who...

It's day three of Blog Every Day In June and today is meant to be Make Up Must Haves.
If you're a regular reader you may have noticed that I don't do makeup posts. My criteria is cheapness, not quality, so I feel like maybe this isn't the best topic for me.

I thought long and hard trying to decide what to post instead and was reminded of a tag post I hadn't had a chance to do.

The beautuful blogger mum Nikki from Natty Nikki tagged me in her I Am The Mum Who post ages ago and there's no time like the present so...

I am the mum who...

  • Helps save the world from the zombie apocalypse
  • Will never stop saying "I love you"
  • Encourages puddle jumping at every opportunity 
  • Shouts QUACK at the ducks
  • Enjoys counting in the dark during thunder storms
  • Starts her Christmas shopping in June
  • Loves movies-under-a-blanket days
  • Encorages independence
  • But loves cuddly days the most
  • Will conquer Mount Laundry another time
  • Should put her phone away for longer periods 
  • Whistles along to Charlie & Lola
  • Can't do elephant sounds
  • Or roll her Rs
  • Or grow sunflowers
  • But makes excellent cookies
  • And even shares bowl licking duties
  • Is the luckiest Mum in the world, to have 3 such incredible little boys

As this is a tag post, I am tagging Daisy to do this next.

Check bak tomorrow for another Blog Every Day In June!


  1. This actually brought a lump to my throat and a tear to the corner of my eye cos I know you really are this beautiful person you talk of in this post and your boys are your world, and I am so very honoured to know you *goes off to wipe away a tear* biggest smooches! xxxxxx

    1. Oh now you've gone and got something in my eye! ;)
      I have the gift of amazing children and awesome friends. Love you! xxxxx

  2. Love this so much, you really are an incredible mum to those boys xxx