Saturday, 6 June 2015

#BEDJ - Stuff I Love (Pop Culture)

Going off course again for today's Blog Every Day In June post. Again, the suggested topic of nail products isn't something I'm hugely enthusiastic about. I have long nails. I love that I don't need falsies but because they're strong and grow so well I take them for granted and do nothing with them.

So today I thought I'd tell you three of my favourite bits of "pop culture." There are two books and a film, all with great messages but all sort of aimed at children!

1) Where The Wild Things Are

This book was made into a film but I prefer the book. It's really short and leaves a lot to the imagination. The illustrations are beautiful. I mean really gorgeous.
Max, the boy in the book reminds me of my eldest. He's spirited. He's high energy. He makes mischief of one kind and another... but he will always come downstairs for tea.

2) Oh, The Places You'll Go

Love or hate Dr Seuss, this book is lovely. It wasn't until my son reached applying-for-school age and we decided to home educate that the meaning of this book hit me. Our destiny is in our own hands. We can be the masters of our own fate.

3) Wreck It Ralph
Bit more of a modern one, this is my favourite "new" Disney movie. It's all about a bad guy in an arcade game wishing he wasn't bad anymore. It's a story of consequence and of self acceptance. With lines like "there's none I'd rather be than me" and "you must love you," it's a fantastic moral behind a brilliant story.

These 3 stories are meaningful enough to me that I have (and still am) considering tattoos of all of them.

Would you consider a tattoo of a book or a movie? Have you already got one? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I would definitely plan on getting a tattoo of a book or movie! I have ones planned for Harry Potter and Labyrinth and I have slightly vaguer plans about Watership Down :D

  2. I LOVE Wreck It Ralph. I'm so glad kids' films these days have plenty of jokes for adults. xx