Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Here's What I Would Have Spent: River Island

Welcome one and all to another instalment of Here's What I Would Have Spent.
This feature focuses on brands that would get our money if they catered for all sizes but as they do not stock plus sizes, we spend our money elsewhere. We want to show companies that it IS worth it to increase their market to include ALL sizes. This time around we're looking at what I would be interested in buying from River Island.

So here's is my River Island wishlist

As you can see I have included a bag in this list. I understand that of course I could walk into River Island to buy this bag but there are a couple of reasons why I won't do that.

1) If a brand doesn't sell my size in clothes, I'm almost 0% likely to wander into their store to find that accessories such as this bag exist.
2) Now I'm aware that this bag does exist, I'd be much happier to find a similar bag in a store that wants my custom, ie a brand that sells plus sizes.

Do you agree with this sentiment? Would you buy accessories from somewhere that didn't make clothes available to you?

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  1. I'm with you, I am unlikely to buy accessories from a store that doesn't stock my size. For a start I don't want to walk into a store knowing that if I spotted a dress or top that I loved I wouldn't have any chance of even trying it on. On top of that, if they don't want my business for my clothes then they aren't getting my business for the accessories either.

    The only exception to this is if somewhere stocks my shoe size, because so few places do.

    1. Glad I'm not alone in this thinking! Didn't even consider spotting clothes I'd love and being disappointed with the (lack of) sizing. Another mark against! xxx

  2. Completely agree, I'd much rather spend my money somewhere that I can do a bit of an all rounder/ haul in. If they don't want to accommodate me for clothing then I'll just keep my money for a retailer that does.
    Gillian xx EyelinerFlicks

    1. Exactly! I want to pop in for a pair of leggings and come out with leggings and a cardi and a cute little dress AND the bag. Otherwise it's just no fun haha xx

  3. I totally agree and said as much in my post (crediting you of course)! xxxxx

  4. Oh yes!!! Totally agree!!! :) We chose one of the same dresses!!! :) Great choices and colours. :) My dress twin!! :) xx

  5. I just wouldn't go to a store that doesn't stock my size - so would never have a clue about the accessories they offer - and will probably never bother to find out about them. As you say, they'll have similar items in shops that do want my custom!

    C xx