Thursday, 4 June 2015

#BEDJ - Wishlist

I love a good wishlist so I love that this is the next topic on the Blog Every Day In June list.
Does anyone ever read the intro in wishlists? I don't. Just show me the pictures!

These novelty bags from Matalan are glorious. Look at them! The ice cream and lemon slice are incredible!

I adore these recent bluesy greens dresses from Lindy Bop. I've only ever bought the Ophelia dresses and I would love to give some of these other styles a try.

And these dresses from Lady Voluptuous (top) and Polly Grace (bottom) are beautiful. I love the summery prints on all of these.

These are just a few of the things on my ever growing wishlist. What's on yours?


  1. Oh those bags are so cool I really want the strawberry one ^_^

  2. Really love the Polly Grace dresses ... they're beautiful!

    C xx

  3. The bags are amazing. Shame that this type of bag is so impractical in real life... :(
    Lisa x

  4. I'm loving allll of the novelty bags. xx